When buying or selling a home, people often question the need for a Realtor® because they are tempted to avoid paying the commission. Keep in mind that if you take on the duties of buying or selling a home unassisted, you also assume many difficult responsibilities.

Without a Realtor®, SELLERS do all the work and take all the risks.

Time and expense
You pay for costly ads that may prove ineffective and you pay for legal fees. You must stay constantly at home “on duty” seven days a week, or miss possible contact with potential buyers.

Your “For Sale” sign and advertising may attract unqualified, curious people seeking entry into your home. Identifying a real prospect is often difficult. Without an agent, you could spend all your time with unqualified buyers. Furthermore, an agent will use their valuable contacts to find the right buyer.

For sellers without a Realtor®, negotiations lead to the most difficulties. A skillful third-party negotiator is usually necessary to secure a beneficial final agreement between the buyer and the seller and to provide a greater net return on your investment.

Financing Arrangements
Realtors® can save you hours of research by sharing their knowledge about where money is available and who has the most competitive rates.

Is It Worth It?
The commission “saved” may prove inadequate to meet the total costs of your own time and marketing efforts. Who wins if you sell through a Realtor®..? You do!